Why Choose Us

Waterwise Land & Waterscapes has been in the Landscape business since first opening its doors in 2001 and has over 75 years of combined experience in Landscape design, build, maintenance, construction and management. We have installed and been part of projects that range from small residential landscapes to million dollar, multi-housing developments.

We are a company that prides ourselves on positive experiences with clients; we value each project that we work on and seek to treat each one as “better than our own”, we treat it like it’s yours. We truly value each and every one of our crew members as well, helping to create a positive culture that we and our clients enjoy.

Our Core Values

At Waterwise our guiding principles keep us on the right path and insure that we reach our goals with projects, client relationships and our employees. We are a company that plans and builds for the future not only in our work but also in our employees.

Above all else we are a service company and we know it, our commitment and relationship to our clients is #1. Our goal is to listen to you, be proactive in getting results and meet your expectations.  We want to make sure your vision/needs and our expertise are combined to make your landscape perfect. We love our team and if you take the time to meet us you will too!

Efficiency takes many forms and its Green

Our team is dependable & committed in our work and to our clients

Creativity is key and our team is packed with it

Problem solving is in our blood

Our motivation and passion speaks for itself in the quality of work we produce

We focus on training and safety every day


Our greatest assets are our people. We make our living using these awesome bodies that creation gave us. And by focusing on safety we not only reduce insurance costs, we keep our team on the field.

Lean Management

Efficient use of equipment, routing, materials management and training allows us to limit waste and create the best value for our clients. Human labor is fantastic and natural but there are some tasks that can just use people up.

We use labor saving equipment where ever possible. We train so that we can do the right thing the first time as much as possible. It also allows the entire team to support each other while achieving project goals. We store as many commonly used resources on site, including fuel, we prepare projects in advance and we field optimal team sizes to ensure project time is contributing to project goals. We group truck trips to limit road miles and windshield time.

We purchase used vehicles: big shiny things take a lot of resources to create, not to mentions taxes and licensing. We seek to field used vehicles in the sweet spot of reliability and costs so that we can pass on savings to clients and invest in our people. That said some of our trucks are on the older side. We still love them and keep them up and clean as best we can.

Sound Landscaping Ecology

Successful landscapes and low maintenance costs depend on things that most homeowners never see. Landscaping plans that take site resources and situations into consideration yield consistently ‘happier’ and more successful outdoor spaces: proper soil characterization, amendment and site planning increase vitality and ease of care, while proper landscape design and installation of irrigation components allow water to be used more efficiently and for the greatest benefit. We recycle job products including Steel and copper, typically co mingled items, stone waste, we compost organic wastes on site.

Water Management and Irrigation

Water conservation is an important aspect in Fort Collins landscapes and in the arid Colorado climate, so Waterwise offers cost-saving irrigation options, specialized plant recommendations and Xeriscaping. Waterwise provides service and installation of irrigation systems that include both residential and commercial properties. Our techs are up to date on the latest technologies and understand the intricacies of systems both new and old. We utilize the latest technologies on our new installs. If requested by the client this includes using a wireless controller called a “Rachio” system. This device connects the client’s irrigation system to a powerful cloud-based system.

Soil and Plant Health

In order for plantings to thrive, the soils must first be characterized and amended for proper pH and nutrient balance. Then, we ensure a healthy landscape for years to come by applying proper mulching and fertilizing techniques.

Ecologically Minded Products

Environmental impact and green landscaping practices are a priority for us, and for many of our clients as well, so we utilize ecologically safe products and practices whenever possible, and make the extra effort to incorporate homeowners’ special requests. We are constantly seeking to make our clients lives improved, more inspired and further connected.