Keep Watering

Keep Watering 150 150 Lorin Bridger

While the North East and some Pacific coasts in the US might be getting abundant amounts of snow already this year, we are sitting high and dry in Colorado and in many parts of the…

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Efficient Watering Practices

Efficient Watering Practices 150 150 Lorin Bridger

The average household in Colorado uses approximately 150,000 gallons of water per year, of which about 82,500(55%) gallons is used in the landscape. Following a few simple guidelines when programming your irrigation clock can save…

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Winter Watering Tips

Winter Watering Tips 150 150 Lorin Bridger

Do not turn on your irrigation system to water your trees – use hoses, soaker hoses, or buckets instead! Water your deciduous trees and evergreen trees up to 2 times a month between October and…

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Winterizing Ponds

Winterizing Ponds 150 150 Lorin Bridger

There are two options for winterizing ponds: Do nothing, or What is typically called winterizing: remove the pump, drain all lines and install a pond heater or aerator for the duration of the winter. The…

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Pond Maintenance

Pond Maintenance 150 150 Lorin Bridger

Why do ponds and water features need to be cleaned? Water features in the landscape build up organic materials and detritus over time by biological processes and wind transport. Fish food, sunlight, dust, and whatever…

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