Winter Watering Tips 150 150 Lorin Bridger

Winter Watering Tips

Do not turn on your irrigation system to water your trees – use hoses, soaker hoses, or buckets instead! Water your deciduous trees and evergreen trees up to 2 times a month between October and…

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Winterizing Ponds 150 150 Lorin Bridger

Winterizing Ponds

There are two options for winterizing ponds: Do nothing, or What is typically called winterizing: remove the pump, drain all lines and install a pond heater or aerator for the duration of the winter. The…

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Pond Maintenance 150 150 Lorin Bridger

Pond Maintenance

Why do ponds and water features need to be cleaned? Water features in the landscape build up organic materials and detritus over time by biological processes and wind transport. Fish food, sunlight, dust, and whatever…

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Save BIG On Your Water Bill With Waterwise 150 150 Lorin Bridger

Save BIG On Your Water Bill With Waterwise

Waterwise is working towards a partnership with WaterSence, which is an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) program designed to promote water-efficient products and programs. We will be implementing the use of “SMART” irrigation controllers that work…

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Fort Collins Land Use Code Adopted 150 150 Lorin Bridger

Fort Collins Land Use Code Adopted

City of Fort Collins approves eco-friendly measures The city of Fort Collins has recently developed Land Use Codes that encourage water conservation for both commercial and residential landscapes. As a water conscious and environmentally-minded landscape…

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