Save BIG On Your Water Bill With Waterwise

Lorin Bridger

4 years ago

Waterwise is working towards a partnership with WaterSence, which is an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) program designed to promote water-efficient products and programs. We will be implementing the use of “SMART” irrigation controllers that work in combination with current weather and site conditions to determine if the irrigation system should turn on or off. By using this technology, you will use less water that could save you as much as 20-40% a year on your water bill. In addition to using “SMART” controllers, we will continue to use the MP Rotator nozzles that have proven to be very efficient performers for us this year. They have a low application rate that reduces runoff on slopes and tight soils.

Together with the awareness of “SMART” technology and a comprehensive irrigation design we can help to reduce your water use, save you money and still achieve a beautiful landscape.

For more information about the WaterSence program and other ways you can reduce your water use, visit the EPA’s website at or contact us with your questions.