Keep Watering 150 150 Lorin Bridger

Keep Watering

While the North East and some Pacific coasts in the US might be getting abundant amounts of snow already this year, we are sitting high and dry in Colorado and in many parts of the…

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How to Activate Your Sprinkler System in Spring 150 150 Lorin Bridger

How to Activate Your Sprinkler System in Spring

Starting up your irrigation system in the springtime is easier than you may think, and many homeowners choose to do this for themselves.   Tools Needed Flathead Screwdriver Small Channel-lock (may not be necessary) Complete…

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Habitat Hero Award for an HOA 150 150 Lorin Bridger

Habitat Hero Award for an HOA

Congratulations! Your landscape at Creekside Landings has been named a Habitat Hero for an HOA. We are pleased to recognize that it offers an outstanding example of restoring habitat crucial to the survival of songbirds…

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Improving Soil Health 150 150 Lorin Bridger

Improving Soil Health

How does your garden grow? A number of our local neighborhoods are built on clay-rich, nutrient-poor soils and are often subject to high salt contents and high pH. One of the best ways to improve…

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Efficient Watering Practices 150 150 Lorin Bridger

Efficient Watering Practices

The average household in Colorado uses approximately 150,000 gallons of water per year, of which about 82,500(55%) gallons is used in the landscape. Following a few simple guidelines when programming your irrigation clock can save…

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