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Integrated Landscape and Water Management for Annual Contract Clients

The right approach to Northern Colorado landscape maintenance is an integrated one: you need to use the minimum amount of chemicals, the most cost-effective application of organics, and the most conscientious use of water so your landscape is safe, healthy and looking its best.  Our intent is to build soil and plant health over time.  Healthy soils are the foundation to healthy landscapes.

What We’re Not

If your landscaper is regularly hauling off of large amounts of grass clippings and lawn waste, you may want to reconsider their approach. They’re charging you for the inputs coming in (like fertilizers, weed control, and extra time), then they’re turning around and charging you to haul all of those grass clippings away. And they have to.

With its dependence on fast release fertilizers and high, frequent watering, your landscape is expensive to maintain. Not only is it more labor intensive, it’s generating a lot of chemical and natural waste, too. If those clippings were left behind, they’d leave a thick layer of thatch, which, little by little, will smother your lawn. This is not how Waterwise Land and Waterscapes operates.

How We’re Different

Waterwise takes a different approach. We don’t think in terms of inputs or outputs: we think in terms of soil structure, environmental responsibility, bio-activity, responsible water use, landscape beauty and cost-effectiveness. When these elements combine, you end up with a beautiful, efficient, and effective landscape.

Why We Do It This Way

  • When you reduce the need for water and chemical inputs, you increase the health of the soil, landscape and water system.
  • There are times when an appropriate use of herbicides is beneficial to the landscape and to your bottom line.
  • Overuse of chemical fertilizers and herbicides are detrimental to your landscape, our community and the environment. Overuse also wastes your money.
  • Organic inputs and soil building pays dividends


Weekly mowing & Bi-weekly bed services

Water Feature Maintenance

Weekly Cleaning and Regulation

Pond Maintenance

Regular Cleaning & Servicing. We love Koi too!

Spring Clean

Refresh your landscape with a spring clean

Annual Pots

Add seasonal interest to your pots year round

Irrigation and Turf Overview

We begin every season by starting up your irrigation system, checking for damage and inefficiencies and adjusting the clock for seasonal variation. Unlike other crews, we’ll also revisit the system throughout the year and recalibrate your water, so we can dial down our initial settings in order to save you time and money.

When it comes to your lawn, we leave as much organic matter as possible on site, all while giving you that clean, professional finish. And we’re conscious of ways to amend your soil to create a more resilient, eco-friendly landscape. You’ll see we use battery-powered mowers and highly efficient diesel machines for larger properties, battery-powered equipment or California EPA-compliant small engines when necessary – always mindful of the best ways to limit your costs without adding to the expense of your landscape. We use the cleanest technology that still allows us to be as efficient as possible and offer you, the client, a great result at a great value.

Soil Health and Weed Control

While it would be terrific if we could work with organics 100% of the time, it’s not always practical at least at the start. Some landscapes require an initial application of herbicide so they can get the quickest, most effective kickstart before growing into a natural or organic landscape.

It is possible to gain control of a weedy landscape using organic methods, though it is cost prohibitive for many clients. If you do want to stay all natural, all organic, we’re happy and excited to make that work for you with a customized landscaping solution.

Please bear in mind, not every landscape requires weed control. So, once weeds are no longer an issue, we build turf and landscape health by amending the soil with organic matter, natural nutrients, bio-activators and inoculants that slowly release nutrients to the plants and soil. It’s like composting in place rather than in a pile by the barn.

If your soil is compacted or heavy with clay, our amendments will release trapped nutrients, open up airflow, decrease runoff and increase water percolation all while enhancing your plants’ ability to develop strong root structures. Over time, with improved soil structure and the right availability of nutrients, plants and turf will be better able to resist stresses brought on by drought, wind and downpours. You’ll be spending less on water, weed control and fertilizers, and enjoying your yard more. Additionally, much of your organic matter will decompose on site, including those valuable grass clippings other landscapers charge you to haul away.

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