Featured Projects

L. Residence

Ms. L wanted a landscape that drew the family together and facilitated quality time, fun and ease. Her desires were right up our alley. We rose to the challenge with large patios of mixed stone and composite decking that created modern clean spaces with open sight lines to the lake. The outdoor kitchen design was intended to allow people to relax and enjoy the outdoors all day. Our intention was that these spaces focused more on the interactions for the participants rather than showing off materials.

We countered the large open patio space with custom steel and wire bench nooks surrounding the fire feature for a more intimate experience all season long. We installed a beach with a natural fire ring and boulder seating that opened the fun to the water. In the end, the landscape is an inviting, all season living space with room enough to even host the neighborhood holiday party!

R. Residence

Mr. R reached out to us looking for an upgrade to his plain backyard with minimal outdoor living space.  Mr. R was a designer with a great eye for style and we worked together to create concepts for the mixed media walls, water feature and fire elements. He would send us hand sketches that we turned into buildable landscape plans.

We combined a remote controlled fire feature with a water wall and enclosed the space with evergreens and native plantings to create a backyard sanctuary for all seasons. Some of our favorite kinds of projects are when we get to collaborate with great people to make spaces that are truly magical and exactly what the client needs.

Pathways Children’s Garden

The Pathways project wanted to create a dream like space where children and families suffering loss could unwind and process their experiences. We embraced the vision for the space immediately while also sensing the need to reign in some of the magical budget for the project. Through collaboration with TFG Design and our own team of contractors we were able to manifest a truly amazing space. We built faux concrete trees, a giant bird’s nest with egg benches, art canyons, a mandala contemplation space, and other cozy nooks for counseling spaces in nature.

The result was better than expected and a dream land that came in right on budget. Pathways was so grateful they honored our design/build team with a permanent location at the top of the site, called summit shrine.

We are truly honored to have participated in the space, now only if the bunnies would just like it a little less it would be perfect.

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