At Waterwise, our goal has always been to inspire passion for outdoor living and the Colorado landscape by creating sensible and moving environments — dramatic water features, breathtaking lighting concepts, visionary plant combinations and one-of-a-kind outdoor spaces for relaxing or entertaining.

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Sound Landscaping Ecology

Lower maintenance costs and a thriving landscape depend on things that most homeowners never see. Landscaping plans that take site resources and situations into consideration yield consistently 'happier' and more successful outdoor spaces: proper soil characterization, amendment and site planning increase vitality and ease of care, while proper landscape design and installation of irrigation components allow water to be used more efficiently and for the greatest benefit.

Water Management and Irrigation

Water conservation is an important aspect in Fort Collins landscapes and in the arid Colorado climate, so Waterwise offers cost-saving irrigation options, specialized plant recommendations and Xeriscaping. Waterwise provides service and installation of irrigation systems that include both residential and commercial properties. Our techs are up to date on the latest technologies and understand the intricacies of systems both new and old. We utilize the latest technologies on our new installs. This includes using a wireless controller called a “Rachio” system. This device connects the client’s irrigation system to a powerful cloud-based system. The benefits of having a cloud-based controller is that the user will automatically receive the most up to date information on weather patterns that will affect the water requirements of your outdoor living space.

Soil and Plant Health

In order for plantings to thrive, the soils must first be characterized and amended for proper pH and nutrient balance. Then, we ensure a healthy landscape for years to come by applying proper mulching and fertilizing techniques.

Ecologically Minded Products

Environmental impact and green landscaping practices are a priority for us, and for many of our clients as well, so we utilize ecologically safe products and practices whenever possible, and make the extra effort to incorporate homeowners' special requests.